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What is Okubi?

Okubi is a multiplayer PvP game that brings players into a world of thrilling arenas and battlegrounds.
Set within a futuristic realm, Okubi lets you join a variety of PvP game modes, including 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, thrilling
team-based battlegrounds and a small-scale world PvP map filled with precious treasures.

Take part in world events, overcome opposing players to seize their spoils, and make use of a unique extraction system

to ensure the safety of your loot before being defeated.

Will it be multiplayer?

Yes, players can queue up for arenas and real-time open-world exploration with or without friends.

There are also public hubs available for you to hang out and meet other players.

Will OKUBI be pay-to-win?
No, OKUBI is designed to offer a fair and balanced experience for all players and will never have pay-to-win features.

Will OKUBI have regular updates and new content?
Yes, OKUBI will receive regular updates with new features, new classes, new items, new planets, new hubs, and new arenas to keep the gameplay fresh.

What platforms will it be released on and when?

There are no release date set yet, but we are planning on having early access on Steam in 2024.

What engine does Okubi run on?

Okubi is running on Unreal Engine 5.

How can I help with development?

share your thoughts with us! We'll regularly seek your input on various aspects of the game, whether it's already part

of the current gameplay or still in development. Tell us about your preferences, what aspects you enjoy, or conversely,

what you've tested and found unsatisfactory. After all, we're crafting this game with you in mind – all of you!

How can I support the project?

Buy the game! Tell a friend! Tell your neighbors! Invite them to play! Development will benefit directly from more people

knowing about Okubi and we have specifically made a game that can be played alone, but truly shines when played with friends.

I’m a content creator and I’m interested in the game. How do I get in touch?

You can get in touch by writing an e-mail to We are looking forward to hearing from you!

What are the game's minimum specs?

Please refer to Okubi's Steam Page to see minimum specs.  

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