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okubi video game characters
Okubi is a video game

Atlantean Armor-Set 

Prepare for battle !

Dive into the extraordinary world of OKUBI™.
An upcoming multiplayer PvP game.

Join the next playtest and experience the game in it's pre-alpha state.

Register for the upcoming playtest now!

*Pre-register now and receive the Atlantean armor-set on beta week!

okubi video game arena

Crowd favor system

Conquer the Arena !

dominate various types of arenas and build your legacy as a true champion ! Win arenas and accomplish all kinds of challenges to claim fame from the crowds.

Join the carnage !

okubi video game player driven economy

Player-driven Economy

Build your wealth !

Amass wealth, and establish an enduring economic legacy. 
Collect epic rewards as you gain notoriety for completed arenas. 
Trade your way to the top in a player-driven economy that connects all hubs around the galaxy.

okubi video game planet manage trading

intergalactic industries

Manage a planetary system !

Immerse yourself in the intricate world of planetary management and unlock the potential of your very own celestial domain. With the innovative planetary management system, Shape your world's destiny. Strategically allocate resources, construct industrial infrastructure, and optimize production to fuel your empire's growth.

okubi video game procedural events battlefield

Okubi is watching you...

Procedural Battlefield Events

Experience dynamic gameplay in OKUBI as unpredictable events can spawn directly onto the battlefield. From destructive meteor storm to powerful buff for your character, be ready to adapt and emerge triumphant.

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